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Web Magazine de Peinture et Décoration
Entreprise de Peinture - Décoration
web magazine of painting and decorating
Who are we?
Aline et Antal _ Arc en Ciel Quercynois

In 2009, Aline and Antal have decided to cut the chains of the status of employee and take advantage of their complementarities
(good administrative experience for Aline and solid experience in painting and Interior for Antal).

 They have embarked on the creation of a small craft business, both
company of painting and decorating company and can finally indulge freely in their passion, interior decorating, sharing their artistic experience and their thirst for ever Actor creation.
They do not wish to enlarge their family business and worked for an incorporated clientele largely of individuals (85%) and local
communities. They opted for the quality, variety and not quantity and eliminate so public procurement in order to leave the door open to creativity, diversity:
work painting Living, work painting room, painting Decorative, bathroom, Interior planning and attics, development of kitchen, paint furnitureformerly painted woodpainting of the lettering signs, Art-paint-Deco, Art of painting on furniture, painting in mansion, building my house...
A network of artisans and rigorous staff allowed them to create links with clients, often become loyal (they thank them warmly for
their confidence), and meet new customers.Transparency also remains one of their priority -
the prices-.
 At the same time, they went to explore the creation of a small website for the company. Mount the site has been a true pleasure
despite a complete knowledge in computer science and this is perhaps why it is unique and warm with its qualities and its defects.
But they intend to constantly develop their site because they found that many users appreciate this first advice service online
with the Web (free) by an interior decorator.
 Because, through their website, they can pass on their knowledge in the trade of painter and Decorator craft, via “
paint online tips” and via  “tips decoration online”, allowing Internet users to ask their questions, their difficulties and get answers always custom, which are the fruit of experience gained on the ground during a lifetime.
So this online service gaining more visibility and reach more and more Internet users, they have transformed their site in a 
painting and decoration Magazine that presents general information on the painthome decoration and interior design.
 This Web Magazine offers tools that can be useful for any creator:

-Site host allowing the
creation of an Internet site
by the creator, quickly, in a playful way and at an unbeatable price

directory of (free) sites for designers wishing to
enhance the SEO for their website or blog, which is essential for the
visibility of their site or blog,

-Availability of the creators of entire pages of the
site where they have the opportunity to express themselves in
the form of press
release with illustrations (photos, videos...).

Aline and Antal are convinced that any transmission of know-how is beneficial to the creator that displays its know-how,
who need to share and hope that new designers to reveal! If you are here reading this presentation, this means that the site of Rainbow Quercy has already made a pretty square in the Sun on the canvas and this is just the beginning of a long climb (currently 1000 hits/day).


Good to you


                                                              Aline and Antal


Painting & Decorating Company

Finally spring !!


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Home decoration ... Interior design ... Board of interior design online. Free Tip!Color ideas for living room, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, to the walls of your home! How to choose the right paint color for the walls of your home? Take advice of our professional interior design and decoration. You want to change to a room that looks like you? Do not hesitate to ask questions! We will be happy to answer! Response - response within 72 hours

SARL Arc-en-Ciel Quercynois operates house painting, decoration, artistic painting and interior design in Montauban, Toulouse and Midi-Pyrenees and its activity decoration and artistic painting throughout the country french and abroad.